SAFE in Hunterdon’s rebranding was created to mark a new time in its history. The new mission, vision, and core values, as well “as this logo and tagline”, were created with the participation of many stakeholders over the course of one year and we are proud of the results!

The image includes all the colors that promote awareness of domestic and sexual violence across all populations:

Orange represents awareness of Teen Dating Violence. This important issue effects 1 in 3 teen dating relationships.

Teal represents awareness of sexual violence. 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men are victims of sexual violence at some point in their lifetime. SAFE in Hunterdon is the State of New Jersey’s designated service provider for Hunterdon County residents seeking domestic and sexual violence services. SAFE in Hunterdon serves male, female and transgendered populations.

Purple represents awareness of domestic violence.

Blue represents awareness of child abuse. Studies show 35-50% of children living in homes where domestic violence is present suffer the co-occurrence of child abuse.

SAFE in Hunterdon’s open door welcomes all victims of these heinous crimes to foster hope, help and healing through its services which include a 24 hour hotline, legal advocacy, group and individual counseling, creative arts therapy, crisis intervention, economic empowerment, safe and transitional housing and prevention.

We recognize that we cannot do this “alone” we need the support of our community. Thus, the pieces surrounding our home embrace these important issues and call for our community to work together to build healthy interpersonal relationships that are free of violence, control and oppression.